80th Anniversary - Pembrokeshire YFC

To celebrate the Pembrokeshire YFC’s (Young Farmers Club) 80th anniversary, Crug Glas in Saint Davies served as an excellent host as 250 of Pembrokeshire past and present YFC members. Due to unforeseen circumstances, TCW Engineering was required to step in at the last minute to provide sound and light services. TCW used an EV (Electro Voice) PA as the main sound system with a Behringer X32 Compact Digital Mixer and Sennheiser Radio Mic. The night was a big success and we were glad to see that everyone were enjoying themselves very much. Our tailor-made music list ensured that people of all ages were included with our titles ranging from Jackson 5 all the way to Party Rock Anthem. We’ve very much enjoyed working alongside the welcoming staff of Crug Glas and the members of the Pembrokeshire YFC. We look forward to hopefully working with them again in the future. It was fantastic to see YFC members of all ages gathering together to celebrate the history of the Pembrokeshire YFC. Keep up to date with our latest events by checking out our Facebook and Instagram pages.